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ReviewsWendee performing

What the Jazz Society Thinks

"Wendee... you have a clean sound and it's your own"
Marlena Shaw - Jazz Singer, November 2003

"This girl can sing!... Very exciting!!"
Red Holloway - Jazz Saxophonist, November 2003

"Wendee makes her debut singing fourteen classics from the Great American Songbooks. The music really swings with a strong quintet behind her including Ken Peplowski on clarinet and tenor sax. Glick shines on music of all tempos. Upbeat pieces like the opener and title track allow her spirit to shine through adding to the enjoyment of the piece. On more romantic pieces like "How Deep Is The Ocean" you can experience the warmth and beauty of her voice. She does a vocal duet, "Centerpiece" with pianist Steve Heck that has smooth harmonies, a warm sax solo plus some complementary scatting that really hits the spot. The more we listened, the more we liked. Stay tuned!"
D. Oscar Groomes - O's Place Jazz Newsletter, Maplewood, NJ, March 2003

"Just finished listening to your CD and it's very lovely. My favorite song on it is 'You Can't Have Everything.' Love the verse and it swings! The musicians are all superb. I wish you great success with it!"
Meredith d'Ambrosio - Jazz Singer, November 2002

"The new CD sounds great!!! ... Congratulations on a great CD. I really enjoyed being a part of it."
Les Harris, Jr. - Jazz Drummer, August 2002

"Wendee Glick sure has done her homework. On her debut album, she has chosen great tunes, and has an outstanding crew of musicians supporting her fresh vocals. Wendee's phrasing and sense of swing make her a welcome addition to that short list of vocalists who care about nuance."
Joe Lang - VP, New Jersey Jazz Society, July 2002

"I can hear a lot of soul in Wendee's rendition of "Centerpiece," something only the best singers possess."
Paul Nagy - Pittsburgh Jazz Society, July 2002

"Wendee has a voice that will be in demand. Her treatment of the old standards is refreshing, and the title song is quite impressive."
C. Vincent Haynes - Former VP, Boston Jazz Society, July 2002

What the Listeners Are Saying

" Im so glad we went out to hear you on Saturday. You have such a smooth voice that any song you sing is a pleasure to hear. We always enjoy listening to your cds."
Andrea & Rudy J., Wellesley, MA

" We loved the CD True Colors... your accompanists were top shelf, and those musicians would only accompany the best!!! Just wonderful! Your capella opening of Blue Skies is so dramatic...holds the listener ....captures the listener! The duet of My foolish Heart/Second Time Around was done with such sincere meaning....Bob and I are 2nd timers having lost our spouses 16 years ago so your music had a deep effect on me (I am so sentimental!!) Your musical selections must have entailed many hours as your choices are great. So......good luck again to you and you can be sure that we will spread the word of True Colors and Baby, I'm Fine to our fellow music lovers... Nice picture on the cover!!"
Barbara & Bob W., Kingston, RI

" I have heard the CD and I enjoy it very much: songs, your singing, playing.........it has been pleasure to hear the "BABY, IM FINE". Thank you so much!!!"
Ivica V., Daruvar, Croatia

"Everytime I listen to the CD I enjoy it more. What a voice you have! I played it for my mother, a big band music lover, and she loved it."
Hilary K., Nashua, NH

"Felicia & I love your CD. She plays it quite often. When Felicia likes a singer, you know that singer is good. She said your selections are awesome... Thanks for the fine sound..."
Peter G., Reading, MA

"...Your CD was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! I listened to it over and over and over!! I LOVE "Baby, I'm Fine". I LOVE IT!!! Very catchy!!"
Carol N., Wakefield, MA

"I got the CD! I'm listening to it at work now - it's wonderful!!!! ... I love hearing your voice!!!!"
Jamie R., Merrimack, NH

"Wendee - We received "Baby, I'm Fine" on Saturday and listened over the weekend. We are both blown away! Loved every song, your arrangements & interpretations, quality of all the instrumentalists, and especially the title song. It sounds like an old standard already! Bravo to you, Bob, and everyone involved."
"Youve outdone yourselves. "True Colors" is great from beginning to end with many of our very favorite songs. We love every minute of it. Well be purchasing several more to give as gifts. Congratulations!!"

Joe & Karen L., Westerly, RI

"I listened to the whole CD in traffic (much different than relaxing with a glass of wine like I was going to do). I absolutely lovvvvvvvvvvvveeed it!!!!!!!!! I felt like I should be relaxing on a lazy afternoon in the French Quarter. I am not one to go out and buy CDs to collect, in fact I have only bought 1 CD in the last 5 years (Harry Connick). I usually just buy them when I know I want to enjoy it over and over, and Wendee's is definitely one of those. I especially liked Bob's guitar on Baby, I'm Fine. It made all of my troubles of the day go away. All the best..."
Becky T., Arlington, VA

"We thoroughly enjoyed it! I played it for several hours this afternoon and loved every minute... I have to add that listening to the CD clearly brought out how great a range Wendee has..."
Jan & Don, N. Andover, MA

"We couldn't even leave the house to go to work until we listened to the whole CD! Every song is "perfect". The musicians are great..."
Lillian & Irving, W. Roxbury, MA

"It's the best money I have ever spent! I play it over and over again. Wendee is magnificent..."
Jeanette F., Trumbull, CT

"I like the energy that comes through in the upbeat songs on the CD. I could also see Wendee's music included in an evening of fine dining and jazz."
Ron C., Tucson, AZ